Warning: Dodgy Trainers

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Warning: Dodgy Trainers

Post by daniel.wurm » Fri May 16, 2014 12:13 pm

I'm currently up in Darwin training apprentices in NT. The RTO I'm contracted had a trainer called Ramond Mc Auley (i can't read his hand-writing properly) come through and cause massive problems. He signed off on apprentices who had only been painting for less than 14 months, and gave them no training or assessment. It is plain, simple fraud.
He signed off 18 competencies in one day with one apprentice. The situation is so bad that the employers all contacted the Department of Business and the government has threatened to withdraw all funding.

This guy is a serial offender. He did the same thing in Queensland and in Victoria. The RTOs compliance team should have picked it up but by the time they did he had already been paid and done a runner. He is a scammer and a fraudster, and ASQA can't touch him.

So just putting out this warning to all RTOs.

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