On-line Training Launched - Press Release

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On-line Training Launched - Press Release

Post by daniel.wurm » Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:35 am

The National Institute of Painting and Decorating is launching on-line training for the painting industry across Australia this month. The system is expected to revolutionise the way training is conducted, and promises to offer high quality, affordable training for painters anywhere in Australia and the Pacific.

The NIPD e-learning system allows painters to study anywhere, any time. It avoids travel and accommodation costs, and saves time. Students can study at their own pace, and get the best quality training available no matter where they live. Over 250 videos were created, including animation and 3D modelling to make the lessons engaging and fun, and difficult concepts easier to grasp.

The project took six months to create, involved five professional trainers and industry consultants, and features over 30 different painters from across Australia and the Pacific. Over 1500 questions were designed, and 29 different modules were created to cover every aspect of the trade. The courses meet the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework, and may result in nationally recognised qualifications issued by Registered Training Organisations. The on-line resources were created in consultation with WorkCover NSW and the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council E-learning Co-operative.

Using the system created by NIPD, apprentices anywhere in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland can now complete all their theory and lessons on-line using any computer, tablet or smartphone whenever they want, wherever they want. This will be extended to other states over the coming months.

"This system will save employers thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in lost time, because now their apprentices can learn anywhere and anytime. Instead of sending apprentices for block training at colleges, the employer can train the apprentice on-site, on a rainy day, or when work is slow", says NIPD Education Manager Michael Farrugia.

Any computer or digital device with an internet connection and a webcam can access the system anywhere in the world, including tablets, Mac and PC. It is expected that thousands of painters living in remote areas, Pacific Islands, or who are time-poor will now be able to access high quality training to improve their skills.

Subjects include estimating, colour matching, spray-painting, decorative finishes, protective coatings, wallpapering, safety, and business. The system was developed in partnership with Valspar leading paint brands Wattyl, Solver and Granosite; Spraychief, Lead Group, EduBytes, PaintInspec; and in consultation with WorkCover NSW, Fair Work Australia, Macquarie University, Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council Painting and Decorating RTO Co-operative, and Safe Work Australia.

For more information please see http://www.painters.edu.au/Apprenticesh ... ps-LMS.htm or contact Daniel Wurm, National Institute of Painting and Decorating 1300 319 790

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