HI from APCT

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barry mason
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HI from APCT

Post by barry mason » Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:34 pm

Hi Everyone
Please let me introduce myself
I am Barry Mason, Lecturer in Painting and Decorating for 11 years at Shrewsbury College, the National Secretary of The Association Of Painting Craft Teachers based in the uk http://www.apct.co.uk. Please take a look at our website
We are a body of painting and decorating lecturers, who like yourselves are looking to promote the industry.
I came across your website a few months ago and was very impressed not only with the presentation but also the content. I brought this up at our AGM and hopefully if you don’t mind we will be viewing yours as a model of excellence when we update to our new site.
There are 2 other reason for contracting you, please feel free to email our moderator Steve Keeley who will happily accept you on to the forum where it would be great if we could swap resources ideas, diverse teaching methods, frustrations etc
The 2nd reason is could you tell me what the employment opportunities are for current lecturers looking to emigrate. I have submitted an EOI some months ago but unfortunately I haven’t had any success as yet
I look forward to your reply
Best wishes

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Re: HI from APCT

Post by Pacificpainters » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:08 pm

Hi Barry

Want to know something funny, I used to be a trainer for painting and decorating with APTC. But mine was the Australia-Pacific Technical college.

When I first saw your post I thought they had a new trainer.


Michael Farrugia

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