Fein 14.4v Multimaster

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Fein 14.4v Multimaster

Post by Eugene » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:34 am

Here is review I did for Fein 14.4v Multimaster recently. In case you are wondering it was meant to be a general review, and not a "tradesman's" review, hence the simplicity.


The Fien Multimaster is a little bit hard to review. To illustrate, imagine that you have to go and review your neighbours eclectic shed. Not just the shed itself but every tool in there. That is what reviewing the Fein Multimaster is like. It is a shed in a box.

Cutting, sanding polishing, drilling, it can do it all. It is a universal system. The attachments that come with the Multimaster, are engineered to precise measurements, which means that they give you precise cuts. Like, millimetre precise, like super-millimetre precise. Very impressive. To hold the Multimaster you don’t actually get that impressed. Yes it is balanced, it fits smoothly in your hand with it’s soft touch application, but it doesn’t feel weighty enough to posses the grunt that a universal tool needs. And this is with battery included. But then when it gets into action the results start screaming at you. This is a powerful little beast. If you are considering a renovation in your house, get this. That is all you will need. It will cut, clean and sign the deal for you. For redoing the floor it will make it a light-weight task. Setting up furniture, or designing your own, this will get the job done easily. The ergonomic design of the Multimaster also ensures that you can get in tight spaces, and because it is lightweight, then you will not have a throbbing forearm after using it for an hour.

The design is durable, I love how all of the drivetrain and gearbox is high grade metal, and it feels really stable in your hand, even when it is working to it’s limit. The 14.4V electric motor provides great torque, and the manufacturers claim that it produces the same output as the mains powered version.
Great tool. Excellent package, highly recommended. Of course for such a comprehensive tool you are going to have to pay a pretty penny. But when you consider what is included in the package, I consider it a steal.

Original Article - http://sydneytools.aussieblogs.com.au/
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