What apps do you use?

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What apps do you use?

Post by Eugene » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:25 am

So do you have any good apps that you are using?

Here are two that I thought are worth looking into -

Tradiepad - App for tradies
So this is a full business management solution utilising several apps, designed for tradies. It manages everything that you need to run your business, from creating invoices, scheduling jobs, simplifying communication between the team and even plotting your jobs so that you can avoid traffic.

What they claim -
"One stop business in your pocket"
"We guarantee to make your Painting business more efficient"

My verdict - If you hate paperwork, it is worth looking into.

Paint My Place - Paint My Place
There are a bunch of apps on the market like this where you can take a photo of a wall/room and then easily add colours to the image so that you can see what the wall will look like with a specific colour. I have heard of some painters using it to help customers imagine what a room will look like with a specific colour palette.

What they claim -
"Virtually Decorate and Remodel Your Home or Property – Free on the App Store!"

My verdict - It's free, can't go wrong.

So do you have apps that you can share that have helped you in your painting business?

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